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Adam grew up the youngest in a rural Iowa farm family of 6. He is the youngest child and his older siblings take every opportunity to remind him of this fact. By working with Dad on the farm and watching his Mom run her sewing & embroidery business, Adam was able to see how hard work pays off and was instilled with a sense of pride in how he works and the quality of his work.

When Adam was 23 years old, he maxed out his credit card buying a plane ticket to London. During his five weeks in London, he soaked up art, culture and a few pints of Guinness. When he returned to the States, Adam packed up everything he owned in his car to chase a dream he didn't really comprehend. He moved to a part of the country to which he had never been—North Carolina.

Almost ten years later Adam is still in North Carolina. He makes time for his outdoor hobbies. When he isn't playing baseball in the Central North Carolina Men's Senior Baseball League, you'll likely find him out tromping through one of North Carolina's many disc golf courses, or camping with friends. By far, his favorite place to be is in the kitchen with his wife learning how to cook new cuisines and sharing their creations with friends.

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