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Broadly speaking, Adam is a critical media, cultural, and communication studies scholar who studies advertising, consumerism, B2B marketing, technological change, and discourses of the future. His dissertation, Keeping Pace: Business-to-Business Marketers and Emerging Technologies in the Consumer Electronics Industry, contributes to the intersection of consumer culture, communication technologies, and critical marketing studies. His most recent publication is a co-authored article with Carolyn Hardin titled, “Introducing a Cultural Approach to Technology in Financial Markets,” in Journal of Cultural Economy. Adam also has a forthcoming set of collaborative articles in the International Journal of Communication on representations of the future in science fiction called "Futuretypes." Futuretypes is a dialogic academic project with other members of the Communication and Future Division of NCA. In this experimental format, each author contributed his or her own provocation—or set of critical issues and questions which authors posed—on a specific type of representation of the future in science fiction. Contributors then responded to three other author's provocations. Designed to replicate the ongoing dialogues that took place over several NCA presentations, the articles are the culmination of a truly collaborative scholarship project. Adam’s provocation was on representations of “The End of Material Scarcity: Dystopia and Immanent Critique of Capitalism.” Adam's ongoing research furthers his studies of business-to-business marketers, emerging technologies, discourses of the future and consumer culture.


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